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  • November 21, 2018 2:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    "Some of the biggest names and businesses in Indiana's tech sector are coming together to launch an organization to advocate for the industry with state leaders," reports Inside Indiana Business. David Becker, chairman and CEO of First Internet Bancorp and 1975 graduate of DePauw University, is chairing the Indiana Technology & Innovation Association which "will push for policies to ensure the state has a strong infrastructure for tech companies to start, enough capital for them to grow and enough talent for them to sustain and scale."

    Becker says the group will give the industry "laser focus on public policy advocacy."

    More than 90 companies are part of the organization, including "startups like Zionsville-based 120WaterAudit, which won Indy's first Rise of the Rest competition."  The company's co-founder and CEO, Megan Glover is a 2004 DePauw graduate and is also on the organization's board. "She says the group is working on its specific agenda and priorities, and hopes to solidify the state as a tech hub of the Midwest," reports Andy Ober.

    "Hopefully we can attract talent to come here," Glover says. "We don't talent going to California. We don't want talent going to Chicago. We want talent to stay here and come here, so attract and retain. And then, let's see a lot of new businesses emerge and let's see a lot of new innovation emerge and grow and become really powerhouse technology companies."

    Read more, and access a video clip, at Inside Indiana

    Becker, who will appear on the statewide business program this weekend, received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 Inspire Awards. Learn more in this previous summary.

  • November 20, 2018 4:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    More than 90 companies join newly formed organization to advocate for public policy at the statehouse

    INDIANAPOLIS, IN – In the South Atrium of the Indiana State Capitol on the General Assembly’s Organization Day, more than ninety technology company leaders and representatives joined to announce the launch of the Indiana Technology & Innovation Association (ITIA). ITIA seeks to build consensus and have a consistent presence advocating for state public policy priorities critical to the success of Indiana’s technology industry. The organization is comprised of technology and innovation companies ranging from startups to Salesforce.

    Indiana is home to Salesforce’s largest office outside of its San Francisco global headquarters. In a statement, Bob Stutz, CEO, Marketing Cloud & Chief Analytics Officer at Salesforce, stated, “Salesforce is a founding member of the Indiana Technology & Innovation Association because we want to be proactive in working with state leaders to ensure Indiana continues to be a thriving environment for our industry to grow. With over 1,800 employees in Indiana and plans to continue growing here, this is an investment in our ability to attract and retain talent.”

    Longtime Indiana tech pioneer David Becker, who founded multiple successful tech companies and is the CEO of First Internet Bank which he started in 1999, is the Chairman of the Board of the Indiana Technology & Innovation Association (ITIA). “Forming an association with a laser focus on public policy advocacy is critical as Indiana’s technology sector prepares for significant growth. We are committed to outreach across the state, which is already underway. With a broad-based structure we will be able to educate and give voice to many companies that haven’t been engaged in this way before.”

    Becker was joined by more than a dozen Board members, some of whom spoke about their interest in launching the organization.

    ClearObject CEO John McDonald, who serves on the ITIA Board and co-chairs the Policy Committee, said, “Working alongside others on issues like the Next Level Fund and SaaS taxation over the last couple years, it became clear to me that our industry needs to have a consistent presence at the Statehouse and have ongoing conversations with executive and legislative branch policymakers as they work to navigate our new and complex issues.”

    Megan Glover, CoFounder and CEO of 120WaterAudit, winner of Indy’s first Rise of the Rest and ITIA Board Member, explained, “I’ve been in the Indiana tech scene for 15 years and our company plans to double in staff over the next couple years. I joined the ITIA Board because I want to do everything I can to help state leaders continue to foster an environment for investment and growth in technology companies.”

    Creator of the Indiana IoT Lab and Launch Fishers, ITIA Board Member John Wechsler underscored the importance for the organization to include tech leaders all across the state. “Our goal is for ITIA to provide value and a seat at the table for the “backpack and an idea” entrepreneurs and the tech giants. As I’ve traveled the state meeting with tech entrepreneurs over the last few years, there’s a real interest in becoming more engaged in policy discussions that impact their ability to succeed.”

    Citing his inspiration for joining the ITIA leadership, DemandJump CoFounder and CEO, and ITIA Board Treasurer, Christopher Day, proclaimed, “Indiana is on the verge of being the epicenter of a great economic productivity boom. We are positioned to be the nation’s nucleus because the economy of the future will be the convergence of technology in all industries. With our infrastructure, talent, mission- critical industries, technology, lifestyle, cost of living and regulatory environment, Indiana can seize the opportunity that is coming.”

    TechPoint CEO Mike Langellier articulates ITIA’s unique role in the state’s tech community. “TechPoint focuses on being the source of tech community executive leadership, industry intel, and programs that will accelerate the growth of Indiana’s tech ecosystem. In cases where advancing Indiana’s tech ecosystem requires public policy lobbying, we lean on partners. We had success in recent years with the Next Level Fund and the clarification of sales tax on SaaS, but even more industry and government collaboration will be required to navigate Indiana toward long-term prosperity in our digital economy. We are glad to have another partner in ITIA to help facilitate the required conversations and collaboration with legislators.”

    Indiana Technology & Innovation Association Board Members include:

    • David Becker, First Internet Bank – Board Chair
    • Christopher Day, DemandJump – Board Treasurer
    • Pat East, Hanapin Marketing
    • Erin Eberly, Katz, Sapper & Miller
    • Megan Glover, 120 Water Audit
    • Darye Henry, AfterSchool HQ
    • Shelley Klingerman, Launch Terre Haute
    • Kristin Marcuccilli, STAR Financial Bank
    • John McDonald, Clear Object
    • Brent Oakley, Vibenomics – Board Secretary
    • Ade Olonoh, angel investor
    • Bill Soards, AT&T
    • Amy Waggoner, Salesforce
    • John Wechsler, Launch Fishers – Board Vice Chair

    Member and Associate Member companies include:

    • 120 Water Audit, Zionsville
    • 3oe Scientific , Carmel
    • Ade Olonoh, Indianapolis
    • AfterSchool HQ, Fishers
    • Allos Ventures, Indianapolis
    • Ambition in Motion, Bloomington
    • Amplify Technology Consulting, Indianapolis
    • Apprentice University, Brownsburg
    • AT&T Indiana, Indianapolis
    • BitLoft, Indianapolis
    • BlackInk IT, Indianapolis
    • BLASTmedia, Fishers
    • Blue Horseshoe, Carmel
    • Boardable , Indianapolis
    • Bolstra, Carmel
    • Brite Systems, Indianapolis
    • Clear Software, Zionsville
    • ClearObject, Fishers
    • Corydon Group, Indianapolis
    • Counterpart, Fishers
    • Crossroads Education, Indianapolis
    • Cylon Technologies, Inc., Fishers
    • DemandJump, Indianapolis
    • DeveloperTown, Indianapolis
    • DeveloperTown Starts, Indianapolis
    • dot Staff / Knowledge Services, Indianapolis
    • Eleven Fifty Academy, Fishers
    • Emarsys, Indianapolis
    • Emplify, Fishers
    • FairWinds Advisors, LLC, Fishers
    • First Internet Bank, Fishers
    • FullStack, Indianapolis
    • gener8tor, Indianapolis
    • Glassboard, Indianapolis
    • Greenlight Guru, Indianapolis
    • Hanapin Marketing, Bloomington
    • Healthcare of Tomorrow, Indiana
    •, Indianapolis
    • HustonTech, Westfield
    • Indiana IoT Lab Fishers, Fishers
    • InGen Technologies, Inc., Indianapolis
    • Insperity, Indianapolis
    • Jane Martin, Bloomington
    • Katz, Sapper & Miller, Indianapolis
    • KSM Consulting, LLC, Indianapolis
    • Launch Fishers, Fishers
    • Launch Terre Haute, Terre Haute
    • LifeOmic, Indianapolis
    • Liven, Fishers
    • Lumanox LLC, Indianapolis
    • M25, Chicago
    • M3 Ultimate Solutions , Indianapolis
    • MatchBOX Coworking Studio, Lafayette
    • Matthew Nunley, Indianapolis
    • McGowan Insurance Group, Inc., Indianapolis
    • Memory Ventures, Indianapolis
    • Mimir , Indianapolis
    • MyCOI, Indianapolis
    • Ontario Systems, Muncie
    • Passageways, Lafayette
    • Pierce Aerospace, Carmel
    • Pondurance LLC, Indianapolis
    • Printing Resources, Inc., Indianapolis
    • Recovery Force, Fishers
    • RICS Software, Inc., Indianapolis
    • Rook Security, Carmel
    • Sales Tuners, Fishers
    • Salesforce, Indianapolis
    • Salesvue, Indianapolis
    • Inc., Indianapolis
    • Slane Capital, Bloomington
    • SmarterHQ, Indianapolis
    • Springbuk, Indianapolis
    • STAR Financial Bank, Fort Wayne
    • StartedUP Innovation, Noblesville
    • SupplyKick, Indianapolis
    • Rook Security, Carmel
    • The Bee Corp, Bloomington
    • The Brookfield Group, Carmel
    • The Mill, Bloomington
    • The Union 525, Indianapolis
    • Thomas P. Miller and Associates, Indianapolis
    • Tilson, Greenwood
    • Tmap, Indianapolis
    • Ultimate Technologies Group, Fishers
    • VendorJump, Fishers
    • Vertex Intelligence , Zionsville
    • Vibenomics, Fishers
    • WhatFriendsDo, Indianapolis
    • WHIN, Lafayette
    • WorkHere, Indianapolis
    • Woven, Indianapolis
    • Zennove, Crown Point

  • November 20, 2018 2:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Indiana’s technology industry leaders on Tuesday morning are scheduled to announce the formation of a new trade association to represent their interests at the Statehouse.

    The organization, called the Indiana Technology and Innovation Association, already includes more than 90 technology companies ranging from startups to major players such as Salesforce and AT&T.

    The group has not yet finalized an agenda for the upcoming legislative session, but its policy committee is drafting positions in areas including capital and talent issues.

    Tech leaders say the official group is needed to give the industry a permanent voice at the Statehouse and to be able to consistently provide updates to state lawmakers on their concerns.

    The Indiana Chamber of Commerce established the Technology and Innovation Council last year, but the tech industry itself hasn't had its own trade association.

    “It’s been a long time coming,” said Launch Fishers Founder and CEO John Wechsler, who is vice chairman of the board for the association. “The idea here is to create a structure, a mechanism to carry forward the voice of tech.”

    John McDonald, CEO of Fishers-based ClearObject and board member for the group, said state lawmakers often ask how they can help the tech community but don’t have a thorough understanding of the problems companies are facing.

    “We want to close the door to any confusion or lack of understanding of those issues,” McDonald said.

    He said it became clear to him that the tech community needed something like the ITIA after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act controversy in 2015.

    “We’re just amateurs,” McDonald said.

    McDonald said the industry had some big policy victories in the last year regarding taxation of cloud- or subscription-based software and creation of the Next Level Fund, but he thinks they can accomplish even more now. The group is expected to hire lobbyists that will advocate for them at the Statehouse.

    “There are people that know how to do this and know how to do this well,” McDonald said.

    Board members told IBJ they expect the association to still work closely with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Indy Chamber.

    “There’s going to be a lot of things that we’re going to lock arms on,” McDonald said.

    McDonald, who is working on the policy committee for the association, said issues like hate crimes legislation, trade education and access to talented workers, access to venture capital dollars and improving the health of Hoosiers are topics being discussed now. Once recommendations are made by the policy committee, the members will vote on the positions.

    McDonald said he expects the group to announce a formal agenda once members have their say.

    First Internet Bank CEO David Becker, who will serve as chairman of the board for the association, said he thinks the group could wield significant power given the number of companies already involved.

    “Obviously, with any new startup, you’ve gotta build credibility,” Becker said. “I think we can get credibility pretty quickly. We’re here and we’re here to stay.”

    Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma said the tech sector is a significant part of the state's economy, so he expects to work with the group.

    "It's a very important part of our future economy, and we’ll work closely with them as we do with other groups,” Bosma said. 

    The growth in membership has already impressed some board members. McDonald said at one point, they were seeing a new sign-up every hour.

    “It’s been remarkable,” McDonald said. “I don’t know exactly where it will end.”

    Annual membership costs range from $500 to $10,000 and are based on the annual revenue of the company.

    Many of the member companies are from the Indianapolis area, but others are spread throughout the state, in Bloomington, Terre Haute, Muncie, Lafayette, Crown Point and Fort Wayne.

    “I’ve seen really great entrepreneurs in all corners of the state… without a real voice,” Wechsler said. "We’ve finally come together.”

    Tech leaders have a press conference planned for 10:30 a.m. at the Statehouse to formally announce the creation of the association.

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